Center for Physical Education and Sports – CEFE


The Center for Physical Education and Sports is the department responsible for sports management on the campuses of the Federal University of Itajubá.


Offer to the UNIFEI community (students and servers) experiences related to Physical Education and Sports, focusing on education, health and quality of life.


Be a national reference in public management of sports organization focused on education, health and quality of life.


Quality, professionalism, security, transparency and social responsibility.


  • Prioritize actions focused on health and quality of life over other possible areas of activity in Physical Education and Sports.
  • Prioritize actions to UNIFEI community (students and servers); prioritizing the student community over the servers community (technical-administrative and teaching staff).
  • Prioritize the realization of sporting events at UNIFEI over participation in external events;
  • When participating in external events, UNIFEI support those ruled by State Federations and National Federations of University Sports.



Phone: (35) 3629-1658/1775

Address: Universidade Federal de Itajubá – Centro de Educação Física e Esportes, Avenida BPS, 1303, Pinheirinho, Itajubá/MG, CEP 37500-903


Work Team


 Alysson Rafael Batista de Oliveira – Trainee in Physical Education  Camila Maria Caldas de Assis – Trainee in Physical Education
 eduardo  gabriel-dambros_3x4
 Eduardo Lemos – Educational Technician

Gabriel Dambros – Sports Coach

 Paulo Eduardo Marins – Trainee in Physical Education  Paulo Roberto Gonçalves – Administrative Assistant
 rafael-vieira_3x4  ricardo-dias_3x4
Rafael de Paiva Pereira Thiers Vieira – Sports Coach
Coordinator of the Center for Physical Education and Sports

Ricardo de Melo Dias – Sports Coach



Robson Leonardo Arruda Gomes – Administrative Assistant

Vinicius Rodrigues Costa de Oliveira – Sports Coach