The Center for Physical Education and Sports provides documents in order to be accountable to the community. In these documents it is possible to identify the services provided, performance evaluations and the investment made annually.

Management Report 2016

Management Report 2015

Management Report 2014

Management Report 2013


We also present scientific productions originating from studies carried out by CEFE’s servers and / or supported through the help of Sports Coaches, data collection with CEFE clients and / or the use of CEFE instruments and equipment.


DAMBROS, G. Reflections on the pedagogy of futsal in the university environment: analyzes from the discourse of the collective subject. 162 p. Dissertation (Master’s Degree in Physical Education) – UFTM, Uberaba/MG, 2014.

DIAS, R. M. The question of the abandonment of the sports career by subjects considered talented: a retrospective study in pedagogy of the sport. 220 p. (Master’s Degree in Physical Education) – UNIMEP, Piracicaba/SP, 2015.

PINTO, J. L. B. Influence of stretching exercises on accuracy of basketball pitching. 36 p. Monography (Graduation in Physical Education) – FEPI, Itajubá/MG, 2013.

VIEIRA, R. P. P. T.; DIAS, R. M.; OLIVEIRA, V. R. C. Data analysis of the physical tests of university athletes in two distinct periods: competitive period x back of school vacations. Revista Mineira de Educação Física, Viçosa/MG, Edição Especial, n. 9, p. 404-407, 2013.