Nuclear Power Plant Hydrogen Explosion Mitigation

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Prof. Dr. Christian J. R. Coronado


Título: Nuclear Power Plant Hydrogen Explosion Mitigation (Mitigação da Explosão de Hidrogênio em Usinas Nucleares)

Palestrante: Prof. Gabriel Ciccarelli

Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Queen's University

Kingston, Canada

Resumo: The Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) accident over three decades ago initiated a worldwide research program to study NPP safety. One of the main concerns is that during a reactor core melt down resulting from a loss of coolant water-core interaction can lead to hydrogen production that can lead to an explosion that can challenge the integrity of the power plant containment. As part of this program fundamental studies on detonations in hydrogen-air mixtures was initiated in the US, Canada, Japan and Europe producing a large amount of data and better understanding of the phenomenon. In the last decade the advancements in high-resolution, high-speed cameras have led to advancements in the understanding of detonation phenomenon. NPP explosion safety will be discussed and experimental results from recent experiments performed at Queen’s University will be presented.

Duração: 1h (aproximadamente)

Inscrições: Prof. Christian Coronado IEM/UNIFEI pelo e-mail

Vagas: limitadas

Custo: gratuito


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