The Program

Campus Sede Itajubá – Curso Presencial

Title: Master (M.Sc.) in Water Engineering – Professional Master
Minimum Workload: 360 hours
Coordinating Professor: Prof. Oswldo Honorato Júnior, Ph.D.
Assistant Coordinator: Prof. Ana Paula Moni Silva, Ph.D.
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The Program

UNIFEI’s Natural Resources Institute (Instituto de Recursos Naturais, IRN), through the National Reference Center for Small Hydropower Plants (CERPCH), proposes the creation of the Professional Master Program in Water Engineering – PMPEH, to take place from January 2017 to January 2019, under UNIFEI’s management.

In Brazil, water and electric power are historically interdependent, having contributed to the country’s societal and economic demands, and also integrated remote regions to large urban and industrial centers. According to 2015’s National Energetic Balance, water energy accounts for 17% of the Brazilian energy matrix, and for 62,4% of all the country’s electrical energy. Despite the growth of other energy sources, water energy tends to remain the main source of electrical energy in Brazil.

For the implementation of hydroelectric plants, it is necessary to consider both its overall and local benefits and impacts, aknowledging economical, social and environmental factors for better decision-making. As such, we can perceive the multidisciplinary aspect of Hydropower Generation and Management of Water Systems, which involve several knowledge areas.

In this context, the Professional Master Program in Water Engineering aims to offer subjects on studies, design, implementation, operation, technical and economical viability of hydroelectric centrals and water systems management,  including dimensioning, technical, economiccal, energetic and environmental viability, regulation,  implementation, environmental and economical analyses, among others.

The program emphasises on studying, projecting, implementing, operating and comissioning new power plants, focusing both on implementing new centrals and on improving performance of already-existing power plants. Due to the recent water crisis, the program added a research line in Water Systems Management, in order to meet societal and professional demand for new management techniques.

Concentration Areas / Research Lines


  • Design, Planning and Operating
  • Operation and Maintainance


  • Water Systems Management

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