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10º Seminário GIFT 2018

13/06/2018 - 17:50 a 19:00

Elements on the theory for the interferometric detection of weak gravitational waves 

Prof. Renato Klippert (IMC-UNIFEI)

 Quarta-feira, 13 de junho, 2018 / 17h50 /Auditório 14-IFQ

The model for the interferometric experiment devised to probe directly the presence of a weak gravitational wave (GW) propagating in spacetime is discussed at introductory level. A co-ordinate independent formulation of the geodesic deviation equation is presented, which describes the relative displacement between the two mirrors of the interferometer. A toy-model for the GW allows one to formally solve that equation in terms of co-ordinates adapted to the wave, while the initial conditions for the obtained solution involves a rigid rotation of the co-ordinates. The final result for the measurable difference in the optical paths of the two rays is provided, the Taylor expansion of which starts at order of the t^2.

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17:50 a 19:00
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Auditório 14 do IFQ – Campus Itajubá


Prof. Alexis Roa Aguirre